giovedì 12 gennaio 2017

SOTD prequel update

we've upgraded the 2.5 (pseudo 3d) engine and now it works perfectly.
interaction with basic enemies in 3d tunnels completed and working.
now coding interaction with bosses - more difficult because of multiple object that get scaled while moving.
in the meantime here's a concept from our graphic artist:
and here's the screenshot:

mercoledì 4 gennaio 2017

working on a new project: SOTD prequel

announcing here a new project  we've decided to develop after some gamers remarks on SOTD.
it is currently in production a prequel, temporarily named blackice robot.
setting aside from sotd, there will be a robot who just can shoot and get powerups, no more platform elements. This is gonna be a shooter.
scenario is quite similar: entering Kali's base, this time to find the codes to unleash SATI. a prequel, that's it.
BR will have 50% pseudo 3d scenes and 50% side views. desing will be similar to the one of SOTD.
from the beinning, player will have huge firepower to blast baddies, but while game proceeds there wil lbe power ups to pick up and combine.
sooo simple.

at the moment, current development is:
pseudo 3d engine done.
gunner robot pointing routine 90% complete(going thru testing and optimization).
here's a preliminary study for main character, a heavy armoured war robot stolen to Kali's army.
As  for SOTD, a good AI manages to pierce thru Kali's network and she reprograms this war unit.

legacy graphics not used yet

there are many production tests of action sequences, that failed to be added in the final version. Also this material is stored for possible future use. We may modify/upgrade some of the shown below ideas for future developments.

 unused monster(named, Loveface02)
 unused monster(named Encyclopedian)
 a different version of Kali's spawn.
 Sati connecting to a terminal( this is more complex than game's version, but was impractical to use)
 Sati close up while revealing her cyborg interface
 Sati gets scanned
 A tunnel for a fake 3d scene which was lately cut.
 A different version of Kali's spawn absorbing attack(not used due to nudity)

most of these renders have a basic rendition because they were only production tests. in most cases, figures were untextured, apart from the second(which is a drawing postprocessed on photoshop) and the last one( named METAparent)

Slaves of the darkest preliminary sketches

original idea for SOTD was much more darker and adult oriented.
more horror characters, mutations, biomechanic implants, and so on.
these elements are present in the final release for a minimum percentage.
here's a glimpse of how the game could have looked.

original character was naked, a synthetic skin over a warmachine skeleton, capable of upgrading and interfacing with enemy technology. at the moment the above concepts are not in use, but we will retain them for possible future usage.