mercoledì 4 gennaio 2017

working on a new project: SOTD prequel

announcing here a new project  we've decided to develop after some gamers remarks on SOTD.
it is currently in production a prequel, temporarily named blackice robot.
setting aside from sotd, there will be a robot who just can shoot and get powerups, no more platform elements. This is gonna be a shooter.
scenario is quite similar: entering Kali's base, this time to find the codes to unleash SATI. a prequel, that's it.
BR will have 50% pseudo 3d scenes and 50% side views. desing will be similar to the one of SOTD.
from the beinning, player will have huge firepower to blast baddies, but while game proceeds there wil lbe power ups to pick up and combine.
sooo simple.

at the moment, current development is:
pseudo 3d engine done.
gunner robot pointing routine 90% complete(going thru testing and optimization).
here's a preliminary study for main character, a heavy armoured war robot stolen to Kali's army.
As  for SOTD, a good AI manages to pierce thru Kali's network and she reprograms this war unit.

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